Welcome to my website.

My name is Micke Forsberg and I work as a Change Management Coordinator at a pretty big ISP in Sweden.

This is my personal website where I tend to store some help and F.A.Q stuff as well as truly personal stuff like images and other cool stuff.

Feel free to browse thru the different content's on my site and I'll just have to say, if you don't like something "GO AWAY".

This site is for personal pleasure and not some kind of proof of what I can do or anything.

I was just interested in creating a working, nifty and pretty good looking site therefore I made my choice. Joomla CMS.

This is by far the greatest CMS system I have tried so far.. I have tested out Drupal (poor support), Mambo (Really slow development) and Typo3. None of them stand a chance against Joomla in my book.


Had to post this lovely little kitten.. Is it cute or is it cute?


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